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Understanding Quantum Uncertainty – The weirdness of the world (without Math)

Ok, let’s try to demystify (and simplify) one of the key pillars of quantum computing. The Uncertainty principle (and we will talk about entanglement later). (Proper physicist out there: forgive the blatant simplifications!) Imagine you have a collection of hand gloves, and they have 2 specific properties that are binary and completely unrelated to each other. The gloves can be… Read more →

Shor Algorithm

Crack the Internet encryption with 6 lines of code

In 1994, Peter Shor publishes the paper “Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Prime Factorization and Discrete Logarithms on a Quantum Computer” that leads to the world thinking that Quantum Computers can break the internet encryption. Is it true? Yes… but. a BIG but. And I know, clickbaity title, but hey, we are in the #QuantumComputing world after all 🙂 Now, I won’t… Read more →

My Path into Quantum Computing (take 2)

A couple of months have passed since I wrote the first post on how to get into #QuantumComputing. I kept learning and meeting amazing people and I am more engaged than ever. This industry is growing exponentially (both in technology and development and in investment). As such it is difficult to keep up with everything going on, on top of… Read more →

Shor Algorithm

My Path into Quantum Computing

During this lockdown period, like many others, I have taken the chance to take on something new. Something I never did before that could represent a nice challenge and at the same time help me in the future. But not necessary related to work today (or in a decade for that matter). Quantum computing has always been for me this… Read more →

The Social Responsability of Software engineers

We live in amazing times. Everywhere you look there is an ingredient for another industrial revolution that very soon will exponentially put the human race in the next level… or perhaps nowhere. First we had the steam engine changing how organised our society and how we saw the world. It took us many decades to understand and learn how to… Read more →

The CTO Readme

The CTO Readme

A few weeks ago I finished writing a README document on “how to work with me”. While this can sound a bit preposterous, I thought it could be a good summary for onboarding employees and tenured ones alike, in order to share what moves me, who I am (a little bit at least) and the things I value. This is… Read more →

Organic Software Developer Smoothie

Building a team is not an easy task. In fact it is a colossal task. Extreme Ownership practitioners say there are no bad teams, there’s only bad leaders. And while there can be a lot of argumentation in there, there is a bit of uncontested truth. A good leader who knows how to set up the right balance of pressure,… Read more →

On Hiring Engineers

I’ve been in the software industry some time now. I’ve hired a  few hundred coders, software engineers or however you want to call them from different backgrounds and experiences. Also from different countries and regions. Unfortunately I also had to fire a handful of them, most in good terms, some in bad ones. For the latter, I always blame myself on bad… Read more →

Software Engineers are not Engineers?

Recently I stumbled across this post: Programmers should not call themselves engineers He claims that software engineers shouldn’t claim themselves as “engineers” at all, and that it undermines a long and stablished tradition and school. Apparently, we “software guys”, don’t like to call ourselves programmers, and we like the term of software engineers, or software developer. In a first read, you… Read more →