Quantum Computing

What, Quantum Computing? Are you a scientist?

… not quite. I am actually a realist (even though quantum mechanics are neither local nor realist). But I work on showing the real current applications of Quantum Computing.

  • Advisorship for demand companies
    How can your company benefit from Quantum Computing in the short, medium and long term? How to build an in house team? Training, support and strategy.
  • Consulting
    Let us tackle one of the most difficult problems you currently have. Maybe we can find a solution together by leveraging quantum computers today, either gate based or annealers.
  • Recruitment
  • Training

Quantum Computing for Investors

I work with the Quantum World Association coordinating the Quantum Investments commitee, where we bridge technology, research and business to bring fruitful Startups to life. If you want to be informed about news in the industry, read the deck of the current state of the art and investments and participate. Send me an email.