IT Management

Training and specific courses on IT Management. Develop your leadership team hard and soft skills and implement a succesfull and performant Product & Engineering team.

Engineer to Tech Lead / Engineer Manager workshop

In this session we go through the necessary changes an individual contributor in technology needs to undertake in order to become a manager.

  • Understand his is not just a vertical role change but horizontal.
  • Understand the mindset change from contributor to leader, get the big picture and change your day to day work. 
  • Some methods and techniques that will help you succeed.

Understanding IT Management

Custom made workshop or course that covers all the areas a Technology Director and team need to cover.

  • Acquire specific knowledge of the different parts involved in an IT Team
  • Understand the critical paths of all the IT / Operations / Software elements in digital transformations.
  • Learn about the philosophies on IT Team and Operations Management and its evolution (SysAdmins, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, etc). And be able to lead the chosen philosophy in a team.
  • Learn about the roles required in an IT Team and all the operations involved
  • Learn about the most used tools and vendors in the market that solve the main responsabilities of IT Teams. From cloud vendors to software tools.
  • Understand the long term responsabilities of IT team and how to translate them into actionable roadmaps, including technical debt, automation, scalability of platforms, security and cost control.