Grow your Dev Career

Over the years I have hired hundreds of Software Developers, Product Owners and Product Managers, Designers, Testers, System administrators, and managers of all kinds. For big and small companies, junior and senior. And I have pushed my team members to go further, learn deeper and keep growing all the time.

With that strategy, a big part of the smart people I worked with, have grown to management positions, or specialist ones, going all over the world and changing the world. That is my biggest achievement.

Maybe you are just entering the Software industry and don’t know where to start, or perhaps you are a tenured developer who is not clear about next steps. What to learn or maybe getting into management and if so, how.

I can help you with technology mentoring sessions where we work on your skills, (soft and hard) your CV and presentation, portfolio, communication and profiling the companies you would be a best fit. Once we have polished all that I help you get the gig that will take you to the stars by preparing the interviews together.