Strategic Technical Consulting

I work with an extensive network of trusted professionals that I have built over the years and together we can cover the whole value chain of Product and Technology.

These are some of the services we offer on-demand, on a per day basis.

  • CTO / Interim CTO roles: Hire and mentor your technology executives. Help you recruit the right profile to your company. Or act as an Interim CTO until the right candidate comes and can take over.
  • Funding rounds. Due diligence preparation: Whether you are taking your company to an M&A process or preparing for a new funding round, there will be a technology audit waiting for you on the other side. I have been in dozens of such process and can help you and your team prepare extensively. From material preparation to communication training.
  • Technical audits: If you are on the other side. You want to buy or invest in a company but first you want to know what is inside. Does it scale? Is the software maintainable? Does the team have the needed skills?
  • IT Change┬ámanagement
  • Agile methodologies and engineering efficiency
  • Startup Advisorship
  • AI/ML applications and possibilities
  • Quantum Computing applications

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