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Technical Due Diligence Support

Deal review

CTO Recruitment and mentorship

Due Diligence / Technical Audits

Whether you are on the selling or buying side of an M&A process, technical Due Diligence is not just important, but a critical part of the data room for digital or technology companies.

We offer Technical Due Diligence / audit services in three tiers

  1. Basic review – 4 hours:
    We review the technical documents in the data room and provide a report with findings, potential risks, rough evaluation and potentiality of the platform. We evaluate if there are areas that require further investigation. We offer you, or the company a template to follow to speed up the process and identify red flags quicker. It is a simple and efficient process to get a glimpse of the capabilities of the product or platform or to have a second opinion quickly.
  2. Deep dive Due Diligence – 1 week full time:
    For young(ish) companies (typically less than 2 years old) with relevant footprint and code, but single product lines, less than 20 engineers in the team and controlled technical debt. During one week we perform interviews with the key members of the team, review processes, systems, architecture, infrastructure and dive deep into the key assets. We elaborate a full report on a valuation of the software and its scalability. Risks and red flags, build or buy elements, intellectual property, security, governance and compliance. Identify potential optimization or cost saving strategies post-sale and provide a full audit with the results.
  3. Complete audit – 2 weeks+
    The complete audit fully depends on the size of the company, its assets and elements to audit or verity. It is a custom project that we elaborate with you on the specific needs. In general it consists of a preparation of a data room and the technical side of the Representations and Warranties, several meetings with the different stakeholders and members of the team and deep evaluation, including source code analysis of the whole company.

Portfolio Technical Review

We analyze the companies in your portfolio with the following objectives:

  • Find potential optimizations or efficiencies.
  • Evaluate management capabilities
  • Management head hunting
  • Architecture and software evaluation
  • Process automation, RPA
  • Synergies among companies. Centralized infrastructure, enterprise discounts, centralized teams.

Additional Services

Additionally, I can assist you and your team in a variety of tasks technology related. From hiring, training, architecture design or preparing for a new funding round. Find more at my consulting services page.

Deep Tech & Quantum Computing

As a technologist, engineer and a geek I specialized myself in Deep Tech innnovations, specially AI/ML and Quantum Computing and how to bridge the gap between business, technology and research. I am advising funds and VCs on how to leverage Quantum Computing and how it will affect their business. From dealflow to improvements to their portfolio companies.