For Entrepreneurs – Startup Technical Advisor

What I Do for You:

Recruitment and support on hiring your CTO

Mentorship / Training of your leadership team and engineers

Advisor / Interim CTO

You are building your startup and need to find a technical co-founder. But the good ones have high salaries or are busy, and you simply don’t have enough cash to pay a market salary.

You are a scale up with a technical co-founder who is great, amazing on the technical side. But does not thrive on the management one or simply does not want to manage the team you will need to grow in your team.

You have a startup with a non-working technology and need two more eyes to help you decide architecutre, technical decisions, vendors or solutions to your problems.

Does any of those situations sound familiar? Those are very common in both start and scale ups. You don’t need a CTO who manages 300+ engineers or who deals with multi million hosting budgets. But you can benefit from that experience.

CTO / Team Mentorship

Support the CTO and the executive team on making decisions valid for the short and the long term.

    • Top risks
    • Technical guidance
    • Team guidance
    • Process and SDLC
    • Security and governance
    • Management training for technical cofounders / technical leads

Due Diligence

Sometimes you need to know what you have under the hood. What it is really capable of, how it can scale and what to do with it. Does this strategy will really work? Can someone who has been there already take a look at this proposal? I can support your executive team on analyzing your current platform from a product and technology standpoint and help you plan what is to come.

  • Product & Technology process and strategy
  • Goal setting. Introducing OKRs and agile methodologies.
  • Tech Stack: architecture review, infrastructure, security, governance and compliance.
  • Team: Hiring, company & engineering culture, staff evaluation, career ladder deployment. Processes and good practices.

For the Due Dilligence we work with your team for a period of at least two weeks. Meet every member of your team (including executives and members from non-tech departments), and produce a detailed report with action points and recommendations, together with HOW to get there.

A full debrief is done with the CEO and / or the board or potential investors.

Additional Services

Additionally, I can assist you and your team in a variety of tasks technology related. From hiring, training, architecture design or preparing for a new funding round. Find more at my consulting services page.

This is how I roll

I have published my CTO Readme, a very quick guide on how I typically do my job as CTO. Check it out to know more about how I manage technical teams.