Become a CTO – Master in Technology Management

What is a CTO? What type of skills should that person have? What is expected from such role?
I have been asking myself that question over and over again in my career. Every company has been completely different. Industry, size, maturity stage and team make the whole difference. Every CEO has a different expectation for a tech leader

What is REALLY needed to become a technical leader? I have been coching tech leaders for years and now together with Barcelona Technology School we are putting years of experience from some of the best C-level execs in the industry into an Executive program that I am personally coordinating.

Do you want to become a CTO who knows not just the technlogy but also the required business savyness to be able to sit on the table? Then this program is for you. I can promise only two things: It will complete your skills, and it will not be easy!

Take a look at the program here:
Master in Technology Management